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Raffaele Falato:
Good morning.

Today I too want to propose a quiz to all of you.
This spider, of which I show only the opisthosome, I have identified with certainty (thanks to the wiki, a work to be reported to UNESCO imo) up to the species.
It is not present in Germany or Austria (yes in Switzerland), but if I recognized it, let alone the experts, but also the non.
The determinant particular I do not show, of course. It would be too easy for many of you. But you get there by deduction (spider not present in most of central Europe, but easy to recognize; the overwhelming proof not present on abdomen; Raf doesn't understand anything about spiders  ;D and yet he determined it with the wiki; and so on).
Good game everyone.

quiz.jpg (26.87 KB . 507x308 - angeschaut 153 Mal)

Jutta Asamoah:
Just what I needed today! 8)

I was about to write Hogna radiata, but it is present in Austria as well.
Hopefully the quiz is still unsolved when I get back...


Raffaele Falato:
Wrong, dear Jutta.  :(

Thanks for participating and ... try again.


Jutta Asamoah:
Second try, then I will shut up  ;D
Trochosa hispanica. This time, I could be closer...

Raffaele Falato:
You were close even before.  ;)

But now I won't say if it's right or wrong more until I get the right answer.  :-X


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