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Quizitaly n. 2 => again Alopecosa albofasciata

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Raffaele Falato:
Another quiz for anyone who likes to try to identify spiders.

This species is not present in Germany, in Switzerland yes.

I believe it is a sub-adult specimen, measuring 7 mm, and I have find this April males and females of this size pictured in this way.

You will not find photos of it neither on the wiki nor on UniBe.

I was not expecting also a similar pattern.

Beware of the pitfall.

Good game everyone.

quiz2.jpg (14.97 KB . 383x250 - angeschaut 144 Mal)

Jutta Asamoah:
Hello Raf,

I need to clarify, whether The "pitfall" is the double negation of not...neither...nor resulting in a positive statement?
If that was just an accident, then I won´t stand a chance. Otherwise I will immediately dive in the pool of possiblities  :D


Raffaele Falato:
Hello Jutta.
Double negation is negation, the trap isn't here but I can't say more, the quiz would become easy.
And then there is an important clue that I have already given above.


Jonathan Neumann:
Dann ist das wieder eine Alopecosa? When you solved the species, can you please tell us how to ID?


Jutta Asamoah:
Aber es gibt ja keine Alopecosa, die alle drei Kriterien erfüllt, also präsent in Italien und in der Schweiz, nicht präsent in Deutschland und ohne Foto in Wiki und

Verzweifel :'(


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