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Raffaele Falato:
Gorgoglione, Province of Matera, Basilicata, southern Italy.

Discovery date: March 12, 11:30 am.
Habitat: 700 m - under a stone in the countryside, near an oak forest.
Dimensions: 4 mm or slightly more.

Good morning.
Can anyone tell me what species this female Enoplognatha belongs to?

t1.jpg (93.47 KB . 607x572 - angeschaut 208 Mal)

t2.jpg (88.5 KB . 592x520 - angeschaut 213 Mal)

t3.jpg (73.3 KB . 546x443 - angeschaut 210 Mal)

Jutta Asamoah:
Hello Raf,

your spider looks very much like a specimen of Enoplognatha mandibularis to me.
Let´s see what the experts will determine.

Kind regards

Raffaele Falato:
Thanks Jutta.  :)

Guys, no one else has an idea? Maybe testacea?


Raffaele Falato:
I treasure what Tobias specified in the attached thread

no answer = spider impossible to determine.

The mechanism was not yet clear to me.

Therefore, I would like to archive my animal as Enoplognatha sp., also because I think there is no doubt about the genus.
Greetings from South Italy.

Jonathan Neumann:
A bit pale but maybe caused by pregnancy.

i would say E. mandibularis is a good fit.

the answer comes that late because i was searching for E. mandibularis in the forum.

lg jonathan


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