Autor Thema: Adult male of Pardosa lugubris group  (Gelesen 98 mal)

Raffaele Falato

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Adult male of Pardosa lugubris group
« am: 2021-05-18 18:55:27 »
Gorgoglione, Province of Matera, Basilicata, Southern Italy.

Discovery date: April 29, morning, sunny.
Habitat: 800m - in the litter and in the grass along a path that leads from the state road into a wood. Many specimens.
Dimensions: about 4 mm more or less.

Encouraged by the result obtained on the forum with the other specimens of the Pardosa lugubris group, I ask
if this adult male is saltans (as I believe) or lugubris s.s..
I hope the attached photos are useful, and sorry if I post 7 but each one shows a different feature.

plg habitus.jpg
*plg habitus.jpg (30.17 KB . 767x548 - angeschaut 47 Mal)
plg vent.jpg
*plg vent.jpg (20.82 KB . 408x353 - angeschaut 48 Mal)
plg beard.jpg
*plg beard.jpg (25.92 KB . 580x467 - angeschaut 50 Mal)
plg spinn.jpg
*plg spinn.jpg (10.5 KB . 335x346 - angeschaut 51 Mal)
plg palp1.jpg
*plg palp1.jpg (33.78 KB . 692x369 - angeschaut 48 Mal)
plg palp2.jpg
*plg palp2.jpg (19.21 KB . 723x273 - angeschaut 49 Mal)
plg palp3.jpg
*plg palp3.jpg (29.51 KB . 544x600 - angeschaut 48 Mal)