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Euscorpius mingrelicus


Armen Seropian:
Almost 2 month have past from the moment that I was given 28 mm length mingrelian scorpion (Euscopius mingrelicus), caught in Batumi (city at the Black sea coast in Georgia, also the species occurs along entire Georgian black sea coastal line). I have had some experience in keeping local scorpions such as mottled scorpion (Mesobuthus eupeus), that I've bred before. So it was a very big surprise, when on one morning I've found 13 scorplings seating on mothers' back. The reason of my surprise was that I haven't noticed any embryos on mother scorpion's sides, while they're quite visible in gravid mottled scorpion.

During next 5 days scorplings have molted twice and crawled of mother's back and then put apart in dishes. I've left only 1 scorpling to take care of, it's 6 mm now, the tips of it's pincers are slightly red, while legs and tail still transparent white (I'll try to take a proper pic of it next week).

So, here are 2 pics of gravid female and the same female with small ones just 5 days later.

Tobias Bauer:
These are very nice pictures and some nice observations. is there an update?


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