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Daten zum Thema Nahrung wird gebraucht
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[Von Jason Dunlop / ISA ----  "stenographous" = mit einer selektiven Nahrung; färbliche Aufhebung von mir]

Dear colleagues,

We are working on a paper devoted to the evolution of stenophagy in spiders. We have collected most of the published papers, which gave us data for more than 500 species of spiders. We still lack information on the diet of many species (and many small families). Therefore, we would like to ask you for a help to provide us with your unpublished data or data published in local journals (which are not indexed either in the Zoological Records or in the Web of Sceince). The data should include quantitative estimates (e.g. percentages of prey types – arthropod orders) from either natural prey analysis or even from laboratory preference experiments. Even qualitative data - just a list of prey species (or prey orders) without quantitative estimates - might be helpful. Your help will be greatly appreciated and mentioned in the acknowledgements.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Best wishes,

Stano Pekar ( <>) & Jon Coddington