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QUIZ => Steatoda triangulosa, juvenile


Raffaele Falato:
Good morning to the forum.

Another Saturday of covid-19, so what's better than a quiz ?!

The young spider in photo, belonging to a species also present in central Europe, will one day wear a dress with designs similar to those of the gilets that tennis players and golfers wore many many years ago.

Good game everyone.


quiz.jpg (6.8 KB . 199x244 - angeschaut 170 Mal)

Jonathan Neumann:
Steatoda triangulosa?


Raffaele Falato:
Ciao Jonathan, thanks for your guess.  :)

This time I am not going to answer "it is right" or "it is wrong", but I want to set the deadline as 7:30 pm, so those who want to participate in the quiz can take their time to formulate a hypothesis.

Jutta Asamoah:
Ciao quizmaster and competitors,

having spend half an hour looking for a little green crocodile on any spider´s opisthosoma, I give up.
I am sure that Jonathan´s guess was correct, the traditional Argyle pattern on S. triangulosa ist such a perfect answer.


Raffaele Falato:
Time elapsed.

The winner is Jonathan.  ;)


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