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Almost midnight quiz = Micaria coarctata (SuperJutta)

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Raffaele Falato:
Greetings to all quizlovers.

Beautiful spider found this morning in a little meadow, under a stone.

1. it does not inhabit Central Europe;
2. I have deliberately omitted the spinnerets area, to make the game a little more difficult;
3. on UniBe there are good comparative photos (but the spider is almost unmistakable, I think), on the wiki you will find a photo of a dead animal.
In this last regard, I want to propose a "game within the game": if the identification is provided by an "expert" of the forum, the Staff can, if they wish, acquire the photo of the specimen for free; otherwise the same photo will cost the wiki DM 100  8).

Have a good quiz.

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Clemens Dönges:
Hey Raf;

My first thought was Phrurolithus, which have a 'shiny' Opisthosoma with similar markings (the middle markings sometimes being joined to form a band like this -^-). They don't have conspicuous spinnerets, though.

This tip made me think of the Gnaphosidae, which contain some marked and also shiny genera. I thought of Aphantaulax, which looks a little like that and occurs in the south, but it doesn't fit. Now my best guess is Micaria, mostly because there are so many species in this genus, one of them *has* to be correct...

Surely I'll try this quiz again later, but most likely I won't find the answer and hence not post. But I'm super curious about the answers of the experts...


Jutta Asamoah:
Hello Raf,

I just came home from watching "my" busy badgerfamily, otherwise I would have beaten Clemens to the first answer.  ;D

It is Micaria sp. without any doubt. I bet all the money in my purse on Micaria coarctata!


Raffaele Falato:
Clemens good, but SUPER Jutta, now she wins all my quizzes. 🥇

Well, Jutta isn't one of the "experts" on the forum, so the spider photo costs the wiki DM 100.
Staff, get the piggy bank ready.🐖


Raffaele Falato:
A classic Southern girl.
Beautiful, well dressed, attractive even in her movements.  :-*

The only flaw, the color of the suit, black and white like Juventus FC.  ;D


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