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inflated palpbulbs

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Rob Versteeg:
Does anyone know as to why this male Trochosa has partly inflated palpbulbs?
I found this Trochosa (I expect it to be T. terricola) this afternoon in leave-litter.
I collected this specie and it is still unchanged. I have never seen it before.

2021 09 22 7117_x.jpg (172.5 KB . 800x532 - angeschaut 144 Mal)

Martin Lemke:
Inflated palpbulbs are the pest! Some times, I can find relevant details, sometimes I can't.

In this case may be Haralds drawings are helpful:


Trochosa spinipalpis can be excluded by the palp-tibias hair field.

But most time with inflated palps, it is hard to detect the relevant details, 'cause the palp symmetrics are changed.


Rob Versteeg:
Thank you! I take it that it sometimes happens (perhaps not to often) ;-) I will try to find sufficiant details like you suggest.

Regards, Rob

Martin Lemke:
May be the embolus in this case has another shape.

Good luck!


Rob Versteeg:
How about this !   :) 
2021 09 22  10 troch bulb.jpg (87.09 KB . 800x536 - angeschaut 114 Mal)


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