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Pictures of Maimuna vestita


Martin Lemke:
Raf schrieb mir eine PM, aber ich denke, ich poste das mal hier:
Good morning Martin.
Visiting the Wiki, I noticed that there are no photos of Maimuna vestita, a spider common in southern Italy, where I live.
If you like, it would be an honor for me to provide photos of male, female, sub-adult and young specimens. It would be a way of "repaying" all of you for the identifications, past present and future, of my spiders posted on the forum.
And if you are interested in other Mediterranean species for the Wiki, let me know which ones, maybe I already have identified photos of them.
Greetings from Italy.

Eveline Merches:
Das ist doch toll. Hast Du ihm schon zurückgeschrieben?

liebe Grüße

Martin Lemke:
Yes, we're interested in pictures of Maimuna vestita ans other well determinated species. You can post Your photos here (or a link to them – may be Homepage, Dropbox or so), so we can transfer them into the wiki.

@Eveline: Ich habe ihm geantwortet, dass ich das hier gepostet habe und hoffe, dass es für ihn OK ist. Ich kann mich im Moment nicht intensiv darum kümmern.


Raffaele Falato:
as I replied to Martin in PM, I will shortly publish in this thread the best photos of Maimuna vestita "in all sauces". The photos depict the live animal, so no photos of dissected parts or genital organs. I do not touch or disturb the spiders that I encounter or remove them from their habitat, except in very exceptional cases; I'm against it, and since I'm not a scientist ...
Best regards

Martin Lemke:
Copyright für Rafs Bilder: {{Copyr rfalato}}


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