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Maimuna vestita from Italy

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Raffaele Falato:
Hello everybody.
First, I report the few existing news on this species, provided by the experts of the two main Italian sites on spiders, friends who also identified the photos that I attach:
"" particular ocular arrangement, with a strongly curved posterior row and posterior median eyes larger than all the others. Very dark opistosome, with a light median design; long and black prosoma, with white longitudinal band that reaches the cephalic area, which in turn is narrow and raised. The legs, generally short and robust, have slightly marked annulations and, characteristic of the species, have triple stripes in the ventral parts of the femurs and tibiae, the latter with long hair and four spines. The rear spinnerets are also typical, very long and clearly visible.
It is found both at ground level, in the cracks in the ground or under the stones, and at tree level, in the spaces under and between the bark of the trees. Sometimes in buildings. ""
And now the photos (the specimens all come from Gorgoglione, province of Matera, Basilicata, southern Italy).

Raffaele Falato:
Adult female n. 1

female1a.jpg (154.04 KB . 877x788 - angeschaut 364 Mal)

female1b.jpg (88.78 KB . 815x612 - angeschaut 379 Mal)

female1c.jpg (110.8 KB . 1104x654 - angeschaut 400 Mal)

Raffaele Falato:
Adult female n. 2

female2.jpg (63.72 KB . 620x796 - angeschaut 380 Mal)

Adult female n. 3

female3.jpg (139.87 KB . 912x693 - angeschaut 346 Mal)

Raffaele Falato:
Adult male n. 1

male1b.jpg (106.71 KB . 819x851 - angeschaut 354 Mal)

male1a.jpg (97.54 KB . 998x771 - angeschaut 349 Mal)

male1c.jpg (83.43 KB . 988x689 - angeschaut 369 Mal)

Raffaele Falato:
Adult male n. 2

male2a.jpg (128.28 KB . 869x788 - angeschaut 385 Mal)

male2b.jpg (106.69 KB . 962x701 - angeschaut 343 Mal)

rifugio.jpg (91.32 KB . 744x640 - angeschaut 590 Mal)


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