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Titel: Raveniola cf.recki <=
Beitrag von: Armen Seropian am 2016-10-21 19:09:56
This spider was shot and collected by a good friend of mine (Giorgi Iankoshvili) in Georgia, Babaneuri nature reserve, can't really remember the date but it was June or July. It was found in a deciduous forest undergrowth. At the moment, there are 3 species of the genus known in Georgia: R. pontica, R. recki and R. zaitzevi. The first one is known to be spread at the Black sea coastal line. The other two species are known from the same localities (see Mcheidze, T. S. (1997). [Spiders of Georgia: Systematics, Ecology, Zoogeographic Review]. Tbilisi University, 390 pp. available at ). Because the spider was not collected, I could suggest only by the description and drawing of the spider.

Would like to listen to any version of the others.
Titel: Re: Raveniola cf. recki
Beitrag von: John Osmani am 2016-11-07 22:27:19

Hi Armen!

The genus is perfect. My friend Alireza Zamani from Iran has published about an species from the same genus endemic for Iran (R.niedermeyeri) and some more species of this genus

Titel: Re: Raveniola cf.recki <=
Beitrag von: Armen Seropian am 2016-11-08 21:31:04
Hi, John :) Thank you for an interesting link!
Well, it seems there's still a lot to learn about local representatives of the genera. Hope some of my ecologist friends someday will bring me Raveniola sp., so I can determine it precisely (unfortunately I don't have time to travel on a big distances, so it seems to be the only chance).