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Titel: Pardosa on a stream => Pardosa cf. morosa
Beitrag von: Raffaele Falato am 2020-11-18 12:11:01
Gorgoglione, Province of Matera, Basilicata, Southern Italy.

Discovery date: November 15, late morning.
Habitat: 600 m - under the pebbles of a small stream.
Size: over 6mm.

I found these 2 specimens of Pardosa, which I think belong to the same species (amentata?), under pebbles close together and lying on the mud of the stream bank.
Are they both adult females? The color of the distal segments of the palps deceives me.

specimen #1
*pA1.jpg (48.04 KB . 607x415 - angeschaut 58 Mal)
*pA2.jpg (24.71 KB . 377x425 - angeschaut 57 Mal)

specimen #2
*pB1.jpg (55.34 KB . 564x503 - angeschaut 57 Mal)
*pB2.jpg (28.13 KB . 428x421 - angeschaut 56 Mal)
Titel: Re: Pardosa on a stream
Beitrag von: Raffaele Falato am 2020-11-18 13:31:16
Referring to Simeone's answer on the other thread, I post this photo with the abdominal pattern taken from another perspective and with the sharper drawings.

*pC3.jpg (28.62 KB . 275x486 - angeschaut 51 Mal)

It is almost identical to the one in the third photo of the female specimens on