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Ari Kainelainen

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Dictyna pusilla? <=
« am: 2017-09-06 21:30:44 »
This couple was found 12-nd of June on the Juniper, in the spruce forest, near bank of the lake, Eastern Karelia, NW Russia. I suppose they should belong to D. pusilla, though distinctive features are very vague, especially in females. I know you should usually measure the length of prosoma in order to separate from D. arundinacea, that I haven't measured accurately so far, but it nevertheless seems to be longer than it should be in the case of D. pusilla, but genitals, especially male palp fit D. pusilla better. Overall sizes are following: female round 2.4 mm, male a bit bigger, round 3 mm. I've never dealt with this species before, so I'd like to see your opinioins.
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Tobias Bauer

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Re: Dictyna pusilla?
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I don't like the females as well. The male is clear, but I think the female is clear, too. Comparing your pictures to several drawings, it misses some typical characters of D. arundinacea. The arch between the spermathecae is more like in D. pusilla (compare to Wiehle, Loksa), the entrance ducts are thinner and it misses the bulge in  the middle. It also does not have enough twists at the end of the entrance ducts for D. arundinacea, but fit well to D. pusilla. For me, the determination is clear and the pictures should be transferred to the wiki.