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Johan Verstraeten

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I 've found this spider in dry heathland with here and there a pine tree.
Location : Belgium, Lommel
Date : 25-05-2018
I think this is Philodromus collinus but a second opinion is welcome.

Best regards
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Simeon Indzhov

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Re: Philodromus in pine tree
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This is how often Philodromus aureolus looks like but I have had a buchari specimen with a similar colouration - exactly from pine trees. I suppose that, on pine trees, specimens of different species are often darker.

Johan Verstraeten

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Re: Philodromus in pine tree
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Thank you for your answer Simeon.
I don't think it is P. buchari because they did an inventarisation of that area last 2 months. It's gonna be a solar park and lot of biologists have helped so I think the list they made is almost complete and P. buchari is not on that list.
So I think Philodromus aureolus is a better choice for this one.

Best regards.