Autor Thema: Anelosimus vittatus? 1 Tenerife => A. vittatus oder Kochiura aulica  (Gelesen 318 mal)

Hedy Jansen

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Is this a Anelosimus vittatus?
I found it 10-5-2019
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Tobias Bauer

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Re: Anelosimus vittatus? 1 Tenerife
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It's hard to tell. Kochiura aulica is a highly variable, similar species known from the Canary Islands (Wunderlich, 1992). Unfortunately, there is a bis research gap on spider species on the Canary Islands, and sometimes even records of common species like Thyene imperialis can be new for some islands or even the complete region (see Suárez 2018, Arachnology letters). So without knowing most the species there, identifying species from pictures is not easy and often impossible.


Hedy Jansen

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Re: Anelosimus vittatus? 1 Tenerife
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Thank you for your reaction Tobias!

When I go to an island for holidays, I like to work on insects but as spiders they are hard to find,
as well to really find it and then to identify it as little is known.
And so contribute a little to more awareness of species, for that already a familyname is welcome
so that I can add it to

Thank you for your help to me!