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Yuri Mariannini

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« am: 2020-05-21 21:46:01 »
Hello everyone.
Two years ago I went for a walk in the meadows near my house and i found this couple of Thomisidae. Only when I looked at the photos at home did I notice a detail: the two genus seem different! They seemed a female of Misumena vatia and a male of Diaea sp. What do you think about this situation?  It is not a predation, but it cannot be a mating either.

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Simeon Indzhov

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Re: Thomisidae
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what is your location? If you are in Europe, this is just a pale Misumena vatia male for me - both European Diaea look different

Yuri Mariannini

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Re: Thomisidae
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I shooted both photos near Florence, Italy.