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Small black and orange spider => Parasteatoda lunata

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Raffaele Falato:
Gorgoglione, Province of Matera, Basilicata, Southern Italy.

Discovery date: July 27, 11am.
Habitat: 800 m - in the countryside, on the web built in the hollow of a guardrail.
Size: about 3mm.

Good morning,
is it possible to identify this spider?
I don't know where to start.
Thank you.

PS: if you need other details of the animal, please ask.

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Jürgen Guttenberger:
Servus Raffealle,

Parasteatoda lunata?

Gruß Jürgen

Raffaele Falato:
Ciao Jürgen,
chances are you are right.
The guardrail was populated by this specie, many females along its entire extent.
At first I had thought about it, but so far I have only found orange males.
Perhaps this is the dark form that Bellmann is talking about.

Jürgen Guttenberger:
Yes, that's how I thought


Raffaele Falato:
if it is confirmed (I don't know if I have to wait for some other comment or I can already change the title, for me it is P. lunata) it is the first dark male.
Thank you Jürgen
and greetings from a sultry southern Italy.  8)


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