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Which Dictynidae? => Marilynia bicolor


Raffaele Falato:
Gorgoglione, Province of Matera, Basilicata, Southern Italy.

Discovery date: July 27, 12:30.
Habitat: 800 m - in the countryside, under a stone.
Size: about 3mm.

Good morning,
I can't tell if this spider is Dictyna or Brigittea.
Can you help me, in case also with the specie?
Thank you.

d1.jpg (35.39 KB . 405x349 - angeschaut 77 Mal)

d2.jpg (38.23 KB . 474x508 - angeschaut 76 Mal)

Simeon Indzhov:
The other actress - Marilynia bicolor?

Raffaele Falato:
Yeeesss.  ;D
Thank you very much, Simeon.  ;)


Raffaele Falato:

--- Zitat von: Simeon Indzhov am 2020-09-19 19:09:30 ---The other actress - Marilynia bicolor?

--- Ende Zitat ---

Brigittea as BB,
Marilynia as Marilyn Monroe.

If I am lucky enough to discover a new genus of Dictynidae, I will propose the name Sophiaea.  ;)


Edit: Sophiaea as Sofia Loren,  obviously.


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