Autor Thema: Weberknecht von Fiumicino/Rom => Homalenotus cf. quadridentatus/buchneri  (Gelesen 450 mal)

Clemens M. Brandstetter

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bin schon gespannt, ob das Tier juvenil oder etwas Besonderes ist
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Lars Friman

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Re: Weberknecht von Fiumicino/Rom
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Moin Clemens,
Homalenotus sp. cf. H. quadridentatus. Es ist schade, dass man die Tiere nicht
genauer/sicherer bestimmen darf.
Lars Friman
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Axel Schönhofer

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Re: Weberknecht von Fiumicino/Rom
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I agree. This is close to Homalenotus, H. buchneri is the only listed species for Italy. To me this looks like a freshly molted adult but could be subadult. Anyway, this is a very valuable find. If by any chance specimen could becollected I'd like to see them. We are working genetically on the genus and family (Sclerosomatidae) and material from Central and Southern Italy is scarce.
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